Friday, March 20, 2009

Funny!! Well maybe you had to be there?!?

(this is a picture i took from my cell phone when i was out running)

So lately i have been trying to get back into shape. I usually go down to the beach and run from the Newport Beach Pier down to the Balboa Pier and then walk back. ( I know it is not that much running but i am out of shape.) I love this cause it is the most relaxing thing to go running down there. It is so theraputic for me. Anyways Tuesday (St. Patricks Day) was a beautiful day so after work i just through on some work out cloths and headed down there. I got down there and it was a little crazy...lots of people partying for St. Patty's....lots of spring breakers...and just a lot of people out enjoying the beautiful beach weather. I started running and was just listening to my ipod enjoying my self. After running for a few minutes i started hearing some people behind me making alot of noise. I turned around too see what was going was just a group of people riding bikes and having some fun. I turned back around and continued running and minding my own business. As i was running i could here them getting closer and closer. All of a sudden i could feel them right on me and it felt like they were going to run me over so i kind of looked to the side.... just in time to feel a BIG spank on the butt!! HaHa!! Actually two big spanks on the butt!! A guy and a girl on a double bike both got me really good. It really caught me off guard...i didnt know if i should yell at them...or if i should try to chase them down or what!! I was kind of embarrassed cause there were a few other people around that saw and were kinda laughing a little!! I was so confused at first why someone would do this to me when i was just running along minding my own business.... then it dawned on me that i wasnt wearing green! Well i guess that will teach me to wear GREEN on ST. PATRICKS DAY.

(It might not sound that funny but Ira sure did get a good laugh out of it!!!)


Nelson and Kelsey Lewis said...

That is so funny! I didn't know you guys had a blog, I'm so excited! I wish we could go to Cali this week to see you guys with the rest of the fam. Hope you have fun! We miss you guys!

Kodi & Lindsey Nixon said...

i'm so glad you guys have a blog!! blogging gets addicting :)

Tim and Cindy Reed said...

haha, Go GREEN on st. patricks day! I am excited that you guys got to go to Hawaii! You beat us there! We really want to go! That is a great picture of you two!

Bailey's said...

Hey-I didn't know you guys had a blog!!! I need to invite you to ours........send me your email address kwb1234 at