Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maddy and G's Visit!!

It was soo much fun having Madison and G here for a week. They sure did keep me busy and I loved it. We did so much fun stuff while they were here. We went surfing, boogy boarding, road our bikes every where, went out to dinner, cooked some good food, had our fair share of yogart at Americas Cup, went running, went to pilates, went on early morning bike rides to the back bay, we got to go to a private beach in Laguna, layed out at the beach a ton, we went shopping, and they watched the whole first season of gossip girls. Maddy and G are really fun girls and kept me laughing so whole time!! I wish they could have stayed longer. I miss them and can't wait till the next time they come back!!
All of us having dinner at Dukes in Huntington Beach

Madison and G after we got done surfing.

As you can tell we had way to much fun!

(haha i look like a freak)

Ira and I at the Beach

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We had so much fun in Arizona. It worked out so perfectly because Ira had a job come up in Arizona so we timed it just right to go home for my cousins wedding the first weekend and then Becca's Graduation the second weekend and then Ira worked during the week. We got to spend alot of time hanging out with both mine and Ira's family.
We had a couple of the workers come with us so it was fun taking the california boys out on the ranch branding, shooting, and riding four wheelers.
I already miss everybody so much and cant wait till we get to see everybody again soon!!
Ira, Craig and Kip with the snake that we caught

Clint, Shanlee and Byntlee at the wedding

(she is probably going to be mad at me for posting this pic but i think it is cute!!)

Beautiful Sister Bailey

Ira and all of his brothers and sisters ( excepts Ross) at Becca's Graduation


Cute Picture of my dad and Byntlee hanging out

Ira, Craig and Kip out on the Ranch

Ira and the guys on the job in Pinetop.