Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maddy and G's Visit!!

It was soo much fun having Madison and G here for a week. They sure did keep me busy and I loved it. We did so much fun stuff while they were here. We went surfing, boogy boarding, road our bikes every where, went out to dinner, cooked some good food, had our fair share of yogart at Americas Cup, went running, went to pilates, went on early morning bike rides to the back bay, we got to go to a private beach in Laguna, layed out at the beach a ton, we went shopping, and they watched the whole first season of gossip girls. Maddy and G are really fun girls and kept me laughing so whole time!! I wish they could have stayed longer. I miss them and can't wait till the next time they come back!!
All of us having dinner at Dukes in Huntington Beach

Madison and G after we got done surfing.

As you can tell we had way to much fun!

(haha i look like a freak)

Ira and I at the Beach


Courtney and Jared Curt said...

Hi Shelbi, I'm Courtney (Peterson). I went to school with Ira. I ran across your blog the other day and wanted to leave a message. I live in Colorado now, and ran into his brother Ross last year at Stake Conference. So, a couple weeks ago, Jared and I had the missionaries over for dinner. One of the missionaries was Elder Folle (a Tongan). He said Ross was previously his companion. (I think Ross trained him) Elder Folle talked about Ross for such a long time. He loved serving with him. He said how Ross kept trying to convince him to go visit Snowflake after his mish. He asked us, "Should I go, would there be anything fun to do, isn't it a tiny town?" Jared and I said, "it'll be fun if you're hanging out with the Willis fam." Elder Folle said it was really hard getting transfered away from Ross because no other companion has even compared to how good he was. Anyways, E. Folle really talked about what a great person Ross was, and how Ross is the most Christlike person he'd ever met. It was really nice, all the feelings he shared. Just thought I'd share that with you.
Looks like you guys are doing good in California. That's great. You guys are welcome to view mine and Jared's blog. It's private though, so if you'd like to, email me at and I'll send you an invite to the blog.

Kassi Jane said...

I am so jelious that you live in california by the beach! that is so cool!


Hey there. Didnt know you guys had a blog. I just happened to come across it from Kelseys.. Good to know that you guys are doing well. Skylar and I need to come out and see you in Cali some time. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun out there. I hope you don't mind that i added you on my blog. Here is the link to our blog if you don't have it already.

The Huffakers said...

Hi Shelbi, you don't know me but I know your husband. My name is Jesica Farr and I just happened to come across your blog and I noticed the picture of Ira wearing a shirt from Craig, Colorado. My brother in law is from Craig and I'm shocked anyone else in this world has another t-shirt from Craig! I was just curious if you guys have been there. Sorry I know this is random but I just think it's totally crazy! By the way I loved your story about St. Patrick's Day that was awesome.

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

First off, Ira, your hair looks amazing. I've been working on my hair for quite some time now, but after all this time yours is still the best. Second, what in sam hill are you thinking coming to Snowflake and not visiting me? I mean seriously, am I not family? Third, if you are coming for the 24th Celebration I better get a phone call. We can go play basketball, football, or do our hair. Either one works, just let me know. Alright, see you later.

The Huffakers said...

Hey Shelbi!
That's awesome Ross is serving in Colorado! Thanks for getting back with me about the t-shirt... I can't wait to tell my brother in law he was really wanting to know about it!