Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We had so much fun in Arizona. It worked out so perfectly because Ira had a job come up in Arizona so we timed it just right to go home for my cousins wedding the first weekend and then Becca's Graduation the second weekend and then Ira worked during the week. We got to spend alot of time hanging out with both mine and Ira's family.
We had a couple of the workers come with us so it was fun taking the california boys out on the ranch branding, shooting, and riding four wheelers.
I already miss everybody so much and cant wait till we get to see everybody again soon!!
Ira, Craig and Kip with the snake that we caught

Clint, Shanlee and Byntlee at the wedding

(she is probably going to be mad at me for posting this pic but i think it is cute!!)

Beautiful Sister Bailey

Ira and all of his brothers and sisters ( excepts Ross) at Becca's Graduation


Cute Picture of my dad and Byntlee hanging out

Ira, Craig and Kip out on the Ranch

Ira and the guys on the job in Pinetop.


Bailey's said...

We must have just missed each other! Any chance of jobs in Oklahoma? Seems like you've been everywhere else! -Ira Lynn's cousin....Katee :)

Tim and Cindy Reed said...

Ira, did you take em out and have a bon fire? Did they fall out of the back of the truck? Surf on a car hood? Tackle baby antelope? Shoot a jackrabbit? Swing on THE SWING?